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typing2Many college campuses and small business owners today find that they do not need to have someone in their office. However, there are times when help is needed. I offer universities & businesses the solution of having the support, without physically being located in the same space.

Because virtual assistants are independent contractors rather than employees, clients are not responsible for any employee-related taxes, insurance or benefits. Clients also avoid the logistical problem of providing extra office space, equipment or supplies. Clients pay for 100% productive work, and can work with Virtual Assistants individually to meet their exact needs.

Q & A

Benefits of Partnering with a Virtual Assistant:

Q: What is a Virtual Assistant?
A: A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a business owner who works from their own office providing professional support, services and skills to their clients via phone, fax and internet based technology.  Partnering with a VA reduces stress, protects cash flow, eliminates administrative hassles, and enables business people to find the success they originally set out to achieve.  A VA is your right hand person helping you to succeed in your business. The irony is you may never meet your VA as odds are they live nowhere near you!

Q: Why should I hire a VA?

A: Why hire a “Virtual Assistant”, why not hire a temporary employee?  To hire a temporary employee, a college or small business owner must still provide the office space and equipment needed, while a “Virtual Assistant” provides everything for you. Plus, there are no agency fees, no pay for downtime such as breaks or personal issues.

Q: Do I put the VA on my payroll?
A: The benefit of a “Virtual Assistant” is that you only pay for the assistance as you need it.  I charge hourly for time-on-task only!  You don’t have to worry about payroll, taxes or insurance.  As a VA I am not employed by your company, but work as an independent contractor.

Q: What hours do VA’s work?
A: Virtual Assistants keep “virtual hours.” This means that they are available for hire on weekends and most holidays. Because VA’s keep their own hours, they may work on some tasks late at night while you sleep – with no overtime pay!

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